Keynote Speakers

Prof. Dato' Dr. Kamaruzzaman Sopian
Solar Energy Research Institute, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia

Title : Advanced Photovoltaic Thermal (PV/T) Collectors
Abstract: Hybrid photovoltaic thermal (PV/T) is a technology with many variations and designs. The aim of this unit is cooling down PV temperature while producing hot water. In this paper, different PV/T designs are compared in terms of energy, exergy and efficiency. Data from experiments and numerical calculations conducted at Bangi, Malaysia was used for the comparisons. The proposed systems were tested in outdoors conditions. The designs in question are: nanofluid-based PV/T, water-based PV/T with PCM tank, nanofluid-based PV/T with nano-PCM tank and conventional PV panel. Effect of mass flow rate and solar irradiance are emphasized in this paper. The highest combined efficiency, thermal energy and electrical exergy produced are found for PV/T with nanofluids and nano-PCM with around 72%, 14 kW and 74.52, respectively. All PV/T systems proposed exhibit better performance than the conventional PV panel. These findings highlight the utility of PV/T technology and its massive potential to energize and popularize the solar energy field.
Datuk Shamsul Ahmad
Managing Director, TNB Janamanjung (TNBJ) Sdn. Bhd.
Adjunct Professor, Universiti Tenaga Nasional

Title : TNB Janamanjung roles in providing sustainable and reliable energy supply in Malaysia
Abstract: As the largest power provider in Malaysia, TNBJ provides approximately 23% of the nation’s daily electricity demand that forms the backbone of stable, reliable and affordable energy for the country. As the pioneer of ultra-supercritical boiler units in the South East Asia region, TNBJ embodies the latest clean-coal technology that is highly efficient and emits less greenhouse gases according to the global carbon friendly aspiration. The organization firmly believes that modern engineering technology should co-exist symbiotically with its surrounding community, hence introduced the philosophy of “Technology in harmony with nature”. Going into its second decade of operation, the organization has undergone enormous transformation, and attained world class accreditation for its plant availability, operation & maintenance practice, behaviour-based safety programs, stakeholder management, corporate social responsibility, asset management, business turnaround and condition monitoring programs, to name a few.  As one of the biggest organizations in the state of Perak, TNBJ has contributed to the socio-economic well being of locals through employment opportunity, vendor development, educational and practical apprenticeship, as well as communal programs such as the annual Janamanjung Fellowship Ride (JMFR) and mangrove planting along the coastal area of Seri Manjung. Going into the next evolution of the utility industry, TNBJ is firmly prepared to accommodate future regulation, market demand and customer needs by being the preferred choice of electricity supply that is efficient, reliable and sustainable, for our beloved nation.