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Area of Interest

Authors are invited to submit full papers describing original research in these areas of interest, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Renewable energy

    • Solar energy

    • Wind energy

    • Marine energy

    • Hydropower

    • Bioenergy

    • Biomass and Bio Diesel Systems

  2. Fuel Cell Technology

  3. Hybrid Energy

  4. Smart Grids

  5. Nuclear Energy and Technologies

  6. Green Technology and Engineering:  Social Science Perspectives

  7. CO2 capture and storage

  8. Nanotechnology for Green Energy and Environment

  9. Energy Scavenging

  10. Clean and Efficient  Conventional Energy Systems

  11. Energy Policy and Economics

  12. Industrial Waste Management

  13. Waste to Energy

  14. Air Pollution Policy

  15. Environmental Toxicology Emphasizing on Mitigation

  16. Environment policies and strategies

  17. Environment quality and security

  18. Environment technologies

  19. Green Textile

  20. Sustainable education

  21. Sustainable energy technologies

    • Sustainable Buildings

    • Sustainable development

  22. Sustainable environment and health

  23. Eco-friendly Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Systems

  24. Technology transfer, international cooperation and innovation

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